Are you frustrated and confused about how to start your own successful online business?

Do you have an idea or a product or service that you want to share with the world?

Tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?

I know the feeling all to well.

For many years I never asked for help, thinking that I wanted to do it myself and that I don’t need help. Well I could have shaved years off of my learning curve and saved thousands of dollars if I just had someone guiding me in the right direction and showing me the right way to do it the first time around instead of learning by my mistakes. Every top performer has a mentor or a coach, every top athlete has a coach helping them, Tiger woods, Michael Jordon, even Tony Robbins has mentors and they are at the top of their game.


Time is money and you CAN get where you want to go ten times faster by having a cleared path laid out in front of you rather than having to spend countless hours clearing your own path not even knowing if your heading in the right direction!


You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint would you? of course not, but many Entrepreneurs try to do exactly that!


They think they can save money by doing it themselves or they think they already have an understanding of how something works so that’s good enough. Trust me its not.


I could tell you how to get to the airport from your house a thousand different ways, and you may be able to get there without directions, eventually you will figure it out if you didnt give up first. But for sure you will miss your flight if you have no idea how to get there and you just start driving, you will get to the airport, but you will have taken many wrong turns and will have used a lot more energy and frustration along the way than was necessary. I’m sure you get the point.


Time is money

My time is very valuable to me as I am sure yours is to you, I want to help everyone but I’ve learned over the years that you cannot help those who are not ready or willing to help themselves.


I only want to help people who are ready to help themselves and who understand that to make it in business you must be willing take constructive criticism and follow instruction. I will not waste your time or mine, I am very to the point and will tell it like it is. I will look at where you are now and tell you the fastest shortest path to where you want to be and what you will have to do to get there.

I will hand you “The Blueprint”….


The Blueprint

There is a formula to success in any endeavour. A Blueprint. Just remember, people have already been where you want to go, they have already made all of the mistakes and figured it out. They didn’t give up or complain along the way. They just did it and now they know that if they had to do it again they could do it much faster and with ease the second time around if they had to.


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ,” The first million is always the hardest to make ” Its true because while making that first million you have to learn as you go, once you’ve done it once or twice after that, you could be stripped of everything you own and left in the desert, and within a few months you could be driving around in a four wheel drive Bentley with an entourage carrying your Louis Vuitton luggage around on a pack of camels on your way to your mansion over there next to sand dune marker # 7….


…. I’ve seen it happen many times.


Turn Key Operation

Knowing how to start a car and knowing what makes a car start are two totally different things. When you get in your car and turn the key, it starts! and your on your way. But if you were given a bunch of car parts and were asked to start the car you would be stuck and confused for a long time trying to figure it all out. Unless you were an expert auto machanic you would most likely give up in frustration at the daunting task of trying to build a car from parts to the point that it will start and run smoothly.

The good news is that you dont ever have to worry about that when you are looking to buy a car because someone else had already put the car together and it already runs smoothly and all you have to do is get in and” turn the key” hence the term ” turn key operation”.

What if you could save thousands of dollars on your new car if it had some minor assembly required? like everything will work fine as long as you put the wheels on yourself and maybe you just had to pick out your colors and you had to personally put in the stereo with someone showing you how to do it?



That is what my mentoring and coaching program will do for you. I will personally take you by the hand and evaluate your current situation. I will listen to your ideas and help you determine what your niche is. You will become part of a mastermind group of individuals who have had a tremendous amount of success doing what you are wanting to do. I will show you exactly what to do and how to set up your own online business. I will show you the best resources and connect you with the top people who can make your dreams a reality so fast it will make your head spin. You can be up and running smoothly within days instead of months or even years.

It doesnt matter if you are wanting to be the next Guru in your chosen niche or you just want an online business teaching people how to bake cookies or do underwater knitting. Whatever it is you want to share with the world you need an online presence and If you are selling a product or service that has a potential customer base, then you can be in business working for yourself from the comfort of home and grow it into your own empire! your own personal brand! And I can help you do that.


Personal Branding

Before you create a product or service I will work with you to create your own personal brand. Your personal brand is YOU! you can brand yourself as the go- to guy or girl for your product or services or you can brand a company name its up to you. After you have that in place we will create a hub for your business, (a hub is your website or blog) and then with the magic of social media we will connect your Hub to all the major social media outlets and put you in to syndication openning up the flood gates of fans and customers who you will offer your products or services to.

There is a science behind this that 97% of online marketers dont get and thats why only 3% ever reach the level of success that I will show you how to reach.


Give and Take

The difference between a website and a blog is a personal choice but a blog serves both purposes where as a website is more of a TAKE meaning you are selling something and you have static pages that showcase your products or services. And a blog is more of a GIVE where as you are giving away free information or advice and building a loyal fan base or subscriber base that you can eventually offer your products or services to who are feeling more comfortable with you because they have gotten to know you and like you because of the tremendous value you have given them for free.

The view from the top is spectacular and few people ever get to see it from that perspective.



Take Action and Make it Happen

For those who understand the power of leveraging your time and who want to get things done fast without all of the heartaches and frustrations that come with trying to figure it all out on your own.

I have created a few Mentoring/Coaching programs for you to choose based on your goals and needs.

If your looking for personal one on one mentoring where you will get specific attention, customized to your specific needs, then you will want to choose one of my monthly packages.

Each package consist of Weekly 1 hour sessions where I will personally coach and mentor you step by step. Each week we will review what has been completed and start the next step until you are knowledgeable and understand everything we have implemented together. It doesn’t take long to be up and running but there are several steps that need to be taken in just the right order to make it as seamless as possible!

Once we are done with our mentoring session you will have a great understanding for your new business and how to start to generate income from your passion!!


Coaching Options

Use the Coaching Options button below to pick the program that best suites your needs and schedule. I find that some people need more time than others due to their work schedule or other obligations.

Remember that whichever program you choose we can always custom Tailor the time allotted to your needs and you may get everything set up and running within the first week or two but will still have consulting time available for questions and fine tuning for the duration of your program with me and time can always be extended if need be. Also, those who complete any of my coaching programs will be added to my mastermind group of successful online and offline entrepreneurs and will have access to them to network with anytime! (value- priceless)

Once completed you will be contacted to arrange our first session. But if you have any questions prior to enrolling, please use the contact form at the top of this site to send me your questions and I will get back to you within 24 hrs.

I look forward to helping you realize your dreams!… lets get ready to Rock and Roll!

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To Your Ultimate Success,