“Wisdom For Millionaires”

Is your life headed in the right Direction? If not you better check your self talk!

Here is a Affirmation that I have memorized 20 years ago and have said to myself in my mind at least once a day since then.

It should only take you about 10 recitals to memorize it and the rewards will be unbelievable. You will start to make things happen in your life at will, and once your thoughts align with the words I’m about to share with you, words that I beleive are responsible for allowing me to harmonize my thoughts and manifest my wishes on command, words that have only failed when I failed to use them, You too will see what it is like to be one with the creator as the creator is one with you.

I have never shared this piece of the puzzle and some might think that it is not necessary to know this to be successful, but I believe that if you come by success in any other way that it will be fleeting and short lived and not in alignment with Gods natural laws of abundance.

I would also like to point out that you deserve to be Rich. You deserve to have everything that your heart desires and to live a full and rich life, God did not create all the riches in the world for you to admire or resent others for having, He wanted you to be Rich, In many ways not just financially, I happen to know personally some very wealthy people who are not rich in most areas of their lives. they are the most miserable of the bunch, always bored with life and complaining about one thing or another. They take for granted their current and temporary financial situation and spend money foolishly to impress others, and think that it is the only measure of a persons worth.

I can only hope for your sake, that if you apply the words in this affirmation to your life that you will remember where your good fortune came from when it comes, and it will come.

Words are the seeds of your tomorrows, when they are planted in your minds eye, they will manifest themselves into their physical reality. Most people think that they see with their eyes and think with their mind but the truth is, You do not see with your eyes, you see through your eyes, your eyes are simply a window that your mind looks through to imagine something. when you look at a tree, it is your mind that pictures the tree and creates the image of it in your mind, not your eyes.

When you write words on paper you are spelling them with your mind and your mind forms the image of those words and interprets their meaning. In order for anything to be created in this physical world we live in, words have to be spoken first, It is the law.

And God Said, Let there be….

Everything that is was first a spoken word, the chair you’re sitting on was created after someone said they needed to make something to sit on, then they imagined the words they just spoke in their mind and pictured the chair in the form that it would soon take.

You do not need to wonder if what I am saying is true, Just know that it is and that will save you from having to argue with yourself.

The following Prayer, or (affirmation for those who think praying is for weak people) will change your life if used properly. Remember words are seeds and seeds not planted properly will not create the harvest in your life that you are looking for. In order for your harvest to be delivered to you, You must visualize what it is you want to create, it doesn’t have to be something you need, In fact, there really isn’t much that you need that isn’t already provided to you.

Here are the instructions for using my secret affirmation, Take this seriously, This is very powerful as you will soon find out.

Step 1; I find it is best when you are just lying down to sleep or if you have a moment of silence sometime during your day, you must block out all distractions and calm your mind.

Step 2; Focus on what it is that you want in crystal clear detail, see yourself in the thought using the thing that you want, if it is a beautiful home, see yourself walking through it, see your self going from room to room and see each room as you would like it to be. Notice the floors and the windows, notice the furnishing and the grand piano and the elaborate crown moldings, or anything that suites your fancy.

Step 3; At the same time that your are visualizing your future as you want it to be you will be planting these words in your mind, this is crucial that you do this concurrent to your thoughts. the best way I can explain it is that is is like planting a seed in the ground. There are certain elements that need to be included and the conditions must be just right for the seed to germinate, the soil has to be right, the water and the air and the sunlight all have to be working in unison.

This will become easier every time you do it, and before you know it you will have it memorized and you will no longer have to think of what you are saying and you can focus more on how you are saying it… it is that simple…..

Are you ready?

First, you need to have a clear image of what you want to manifest. if it is a house, a car or a certain amount of money then you need to be specific. Memorize the following and overlay that to your thoughts and prepare yourself to be given power of creation as you have always had but never knew..

“I Have absolute trust in God and all things good. I know that I will be able to meet any situation at any time for God is my immediate source of supply, Presenting me with all the necessary Ideas in the right way and at the right time, God Riches are forever flowing freely in my life and there is always a Divine surplus, And as I repeat these truths I know my mind is being conditioned to receive Divine supply forever flowing.”

Amen and Amen

“Wisdom for Millionaires”

Now go out there and think BIG, BIGGER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT,

C’MON NOW, I MEAN REALLY BIG and don’t forget to take action towards your goals, that is the third element that says to the universe that you really meant it when you conceived the thought…. And finally the final element, be Grateful for your blessings, The realized and the unrealized!

To your Unending, Uninterrupted, Unlimited Success,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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