Have you been conditioned to say NO?

Why saying NO to everything is holding you back from really living the good life.

Have you ever been offered something that you turned down or said no to then found out later that you should have said yes? I’m sure you have, as we all have made that mistake. When your gut tells you to do something and you say no anyway it is not because you were born that way or because something is wrong with your intuition.

It is because you have been conditioned from birth to say no! The very first words you heard when your mind was developing were the words NO, STOP, DONT, CANT, QUIT IT and every other variation of those words. Your mommy said No to you repeatedly growing up every time you ask for something she didn’t want you to have.

Imagine growing up without that word, imagine how your life would be different if the word No wasn’t in your vocabulary. Imagine if the word “CANT” was never taught to you.. By saying no to everything you are only seeing the tip of the Iceberg and missing out on the big picture and all the possibilities….

Basketball Diary

Recently I was playing basketball with a 6 year old named Drea, He kept missing the basket and I kept saying you can do it, you’ll make this one and I noticed right before every shot he attempted to make he would say “I CANT” its to high, I CANT its to far, I immediately stopped him and said to him, do you want to make the basket? He said YES! I said that you only have to change one thing then, he said what? I said right before you shoot the ball you keep saying “I cant” and all you have to do is change that one thing to “I CAN” and you will start making it in! He of course didn’t believe me that it could be that easy and he continued to say I cant and kept missing..

Now after letting him come to the conclusion that he was doing everything right except for that one thing he finally agreed to try it my way. He lined up the shot, put his eyes on the hoop and I said, OK now say I can make it in, I can make it in, He threw the ball up and it hit the rim and circled the rim and it was like slow motion going around the rim, I said say it again hurry!! He yelled I can make it in! and the ball dropped in the hoop….

Now of course I realize that he was bound to make it eventually but because he said he could and he did, this changed everything for him, he now plays basketball with a whole different attitude. The attitude that he will make it in and he does, very well in fact he rarely misses now! He doesn’t say it outloud anymore because I taught him to just think of it going in, picture it going through the hoops right before you throw it.

I’ve also noticed that whenever he gets scared to do something he starts to mumble ” I can do it” I can do It” and then he does! no matter what it is! Its pretty empowering for him.

Step it up a notch shall we?

What if I offered you ONE MILLION DOLLARS CASH, to jump out of an airplane WITHOUT a parachute?!?

Chances are you would probably say NO! to that offer, in fact 99.9% of people with whom I ask this question to do say NO, are you crazy? they say, what good would a million dollars be if I’m dead?

The moral to the story is, don’t say no until you have all the facts.

Back when I was training hundreds of sales reps to become better closers I would have to do TO’s, that’s sales lingo for “take over” when a sales rep would hit a brick wall with a customer and they felt they were going to lose the sale I would ask them to put the customer on hold, then I would jump on the phone and take over the call, If I couldn’t turn the customer around then no one could! I was a master closer.

The Take Over

My first question after telling the customer that I was the director of operations and I just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help the customer make a more informed and intelligent decision, I would say, Mr Customer, what exactly are you saying no to? because there is no reason to sit there and rebuttal someone who hasn’t even told you why they are declining your offer. Once the customer told me that the reason they are saying no was that blah, blah, blah, I could then fine tune my response to accommodate that one particular issue.

And then I would say, Mr Jones, I understand you are not interested and thats fine but before you go, may I ask you one question? and he would say yes, go a head, I would say, If I gave you 1 million dollars cash to jump out of an airplane without a parachute would you do it? and 9 times out of 10 they would say no..

Then I would say well you answered the question wrong Mr Jones, You see, Had you just got a little more information from me, asked a few questions and dug a little deeper you would have discovered that the airplane was on the ground. The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t make any decisions until you have all the facts, now lets make sure you have all the facts and I would continue on with the presentation. and usually make the sale, 80% of the time. the other 20% were people who hung up on me because they thought I was being a smart ass and they knew I was right but they didn’t want to admit it!!

Some will, Some wont, So what, Next..

My journey through life has taught me that I have recieve countless more blessings and accomplished a lot more goals and made a lot more dreams come true when I said yes to things instead of saying no. In fact I would go as far as to say that if you look back on your life, the only things you regret fully are the missed opportunities that you said no to! And the things you said yes to may not have all turned out the way you wanted but had you not done them you would have spent months or years or maybe a lifetime wondering if you should have!

So next time an opportunity arises, before you say no, try to open your mind to the potential and ask yourself, Will the regret of not doing this out way the regret of doing it and failing? because I assure you that if you truly want to succeed, the best way to do that is to fail at a bunch of things that you at least tried to do because you have a 50/50 chance at success, 50% change it will work and a 50% chance it wont. But if you don’t try, you are guaranteed to have a 100% chance it wont work…

Have a prosperous day! and if you liked this post please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and I would love to hear your comments below! chow for now..

To Your Unending, Uninterrupted Abundance,

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