Are you living a purpose driven life?

Manifesting your dreams into their physical reality

Most people go through life with no direction and no Idea of what they want to do let alone why they are here. I’m sure you have thought about why you are here and what your life is all about otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this right now, so congratulations on being deep thinker!!

Everyone has something to offer this world and if you’re not a producer of something then you are simply a consumer of other people’s product’s and services. And whether you like it or not, people who are the producers of goods or services are generally the wealthiest among us.

What does this have to do with your purpose in life? Well, If you think about why you are here on this planet and what’s it all about, I can assure you that you are not here to simply consume other peoples goods and services. You are here to grow and to learn about life and yourself and to become ” Of Service” to other people NOT in need of service from them.

True Beauty

Have you ever watched the show “True Beauty”? If not it’s about people who were brought on to a reality show thinking that it was a competition about how beautiful they are and to see who was the most beautiful. However the contestant’s have no idea that they are being judged by their inner beauty more than their outer beauty. They would test them by putting them into situations and seeing if they ” do good ” by other’s or if they are self centered and selfish.

I personally can’t stand the show but it is an interesting display of what this world is coming to and how people really are.



I would say that probably 75% of gen x and gen y these day’s care more about their favorite celebrity and their clothes and how they look to their friends than they care about who they really are and what life really means.

I have noticed that most people don’t come into their own self awareness until they reach their thirties and most people who are fortunate enough to be successful at something don’t truly have success and fulfillment in their lives until they reach their forties and fifties if they ever do at all.

It is a small percentage of the entire population that ever breaks free from the rat race and discovers a whole new world where they are in control of their lives and not dependant or relying on any third party for their livelihood.

If you truly want to be all that you can be then you need to be a Creator of your circumstances and not a victim of your circumstances.

It’s all in the marketing

For me, It wasn’t until I read enough books on personal development that I determined that the people writing them had no more experience than I did in some of the subject matter, In fact some book’s were even best sellers on the most well known best sellers list’s and the authors of those book’s were enjoying great success. Traveling the world speaking at events and seminars on their topic. They were on TV doing interviews and they were invited guest’s on talk shows like Oprah and CNN and the Today show to name a few, and their book wasn’t even that good but that didn’t matter because they just took action and made it happen. They didn’t let it stop them even if they knew that they were not great writers.

In fact, some of the biggest sellers out there were not written by good writers, they were written by good marketers and that made me want to get started writing my book because I knew that if they could do it, so could I.


They were doing what I wanted to do and the only difference between them and myself is that they took action towards their goal and took the neccessary steps to get them to that point. All of which anyone can do! Even you. Especially you!!


You are an expert at something

We all have something to offer this world. We all have unique talents and gift’s to share. We all have a book inside of us! We have all had many experiences in our lives that have shaped us and made us who we are and brought us to the point in our lives where we could really help other’s who are about to face those challenges and obstacles in their own journey through life that we have already gone through.


Loving what you do

How good would it feel for you to wake up every morning knowing that you were doing exatly what you loved to do while at the same time helping other’s to grow and to learn their true potential or knowing that the information or service that you provide is changing someone elses life for the better and making a difference in this world?

I can tell you from my own experience that it is an amazing feeling. No more waking up dreading the day ahead knowing that you have to go to work all day for a company or a person who barely knows you exist. Pretending to be interested in the product or services that you are providing. Or even worse selling a product or service that you know in your heart is not benefiting the customer and that you are only doing it to make money! We have all been there. At a dead end job that drains you of your energy both mentally and physically.



Perhaps you are working at a job right now that you cant stand and the only reason you are there is because you think you don’t have a choice and you have to work in order to put food on the table. I have been there to and I know how bad that sucks.

Nothing is worse than the feeling that you are not fulfilling your destiny and that you know you are here for something more and something better but you just don’t know how to go about getting to that place where you are in control and feel great about what you do and where you have the potential to make an incredible living if only you knew how to start.


One step at a time

The fact is that you will never get there if you don’t first start on the path that will lead you there. You must take that first step towards your goals even if you don’t know exactly where the path is leading you because the truth is, you can only go as far as you can see but when you get there, you will always be able to see farther and then you will have doors open and opportunities that weren’t available to you before start to happen everywhere you look! It’s very exciting just to know that you are moving in the right direction.


Imagine your new life

You do not need to leave your current job to start on the path towards freedom. Infact it may even be hard to imagine the life you could be living when you finally reach your goals of becoming the person you dream to be but you should be doing just that, Imagining. Imagining exactly what it is that you want to do. Imagine it to the very last detail and hold the image in your mind. Live in that image as if you already were that person doing those things and living that lifestyle.



It is very important that you visualize your life exactly the way you WANT it to be and not the way it is. If you dwell on the way things are they will continue to be that way. You are a product of your thoughts and like it or not what you think about you bring about in so many ways. Good or bad thoughts will manifest. We cannot all think of only good thoughts every second of the day. Bad thoughts or negative thoughts somehow have a way of creeping into our minds when we least expect them but what you need to do when that happens is to immediately deny the thought access into your life. dismiss the thought or idea by just saying NO! That’s not the way it is going to be! and get back to the thoughts that you want to manifest.

The problem that most people have with manifesting the life they want is that they falsly beleive that all they have to do is simply think of what they want and it will happen. this is not true as I’m sure you’ve discovered. We have all wished for things and we all have thought about a better life, and that alone will not produce the life you want.


Ready, Fire, Aim

Instead you must think about what it is you want in crystal clear detail. Write it down on paper. See it down to the last detail in vivid color. and then…….., here it is…….., the most crucial part!





Now the best way to do this is pretty simple. Back in the day when I wanted a big house on the water I used to drive around very expensive neighborhoods looking for houses for sale. Then I would call the realtor and act like an interested buyer and make an appointment to see the house. I would be given a tour of the home and I would walk through the house with the realtor and if I didn’t like the house she would suggest 4 other homes that she had listed on the water that I may be interested in. Then she would take me to all of them and I would get to walk through all of these million dollar homes on the water for free without any obligation to buy. I love going into other people houses and seeing how they look on the inside! its fun!

I am sure the realtor would have loved to know that I wasn’t financially ready to buy any of those homes at the time but the funny thing is that I did eventually buy one and I did use that same realtor years later when I was ready so it actually wasn’t a waste of her time to show me. I was money in the bank for her. Eventually… Because in my mind I already owned the house, it just hadn’t delivered itself to me yet..

I also used to go to car dealerships and test drive luxury cars and sports car’s. Sometimes they would let me take the car out for a test drive by myself and I would go on my lunch break from work then show back up at work with a new car and show it off! What I was really doing was living in the moment as if the homes and the cars were already mine. There is no better way to visualize what you want than to actually be in possession of what you want. It gives you the immediate feeling of what it is like to have what you want.

The point is that you must first take the necessary action steps towards what you want to create in your life in order for anything to actually happen. It is that simple.

Just do it

Take the first step even if your not sure what you are doing. Because when you take that first step, then the second step, things start to happen. You become more aware of things that can help you. Things start to take shape and finally doors start to open that not only were closed before but that you didn’t even know were there! Then you will start to notice something almost miraculous, well actually it is miraculous! It is the natural laws of the universe that start to awaken in your life.


Couch potato or avocado?

Like a dormant avocado seed sitting on your window sill, Your life before just sat there and was waiting for you to do something. Like the seed, once you plant it ( take an action step) it starts to germinate and when that happens the true potential of that seed activates! like turning on a light switch it starts to do things that it would have never done had it remained on your window sill. It now starts on it’s journey to become an avocado tree and to grow to its full potential and instead of just sitting there TAKING up space it is now going to be GIVING back to the world in the form of more avocados, it is now PRODUCING something instead of CONSUMING space just sitting there waiting for something to happen..

It is doing what it was put on this earth to do. And like the avocado seed, So should you!

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To Your Advancing Life,


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