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This blog is dedicated to providing content and information for those who are tired of just getting by and who want A LOT more out of life.


My Passion

I am an Entrepreneur who loves to enlighten people to their true potential by helping them realize their dreams. I love talking to people and hearing about their struggles and problems and quickly coming up with solutions and Ideas that can change everything for them for the better if they just implement them. Coaching and mentoring people who would like to learn how to turn their dreams and passions into a life long income doing what you loved to do, instead of slaving away to make someone elses dreams come true. I will show you how to get rid of that Just Over Broke (JOB) and begin to build a business of your own that will grow and position YOU as an expert in your chosen niche!

A little bit about me,

When I was a small child, at 5 years old I used to fall asleep with pennies clutched in my fist that I picked up around the house, when I woke up the next morning my hands were green from the copper! ( yes they made them with real copper back in the day.)


My mother would have to pry them out of my hands because for some reason I didn’t want to part with the money! I was a money miser, I would fill up jars and eventually tubs, but as I got older and found other interests, I soon realized that in order to have anything nice I would have to part with my money in exchange for what I wanted.


We did not have a lot of money. After my father died when I was eight years old we couldn’t afford the house we lived In and my mother, who was a stay at home mom with 3 kids and no business experience or Job had to move us into a motel where we actually lived for almost a year while she went to work 12 hours a day just to support us, She couldn’t afford a sitter to watch us so my brother and I had to become the men of the household at a very young age.


After about a year in a motel, my mother was able to purchase a condo and started to go to estate sales and garage sales to try to find antiques which was her passion. She would bring them home and then have her own estate sale and resell them for a nice little profit! this went on for a while until she had so much stuff she decided to open her own antique store and with no experience at all she turned that into a thriving business, this was back in the 80′s.


I learned a lot from her. She taught us kids that you can do or be anything you want in life. “Whatever you say you are you are”. “Claim it and it will be yours”. “The squeaky door gets the oil.” and if you want something bad enough, so much so that you hold the image of that which you want in your mind and focus on it like a laser beam in graphic detail as if it were already yours then it will eventually manifest itself into its physical reality. The universe will start into motion the necessary events that will lead to you creating what it is that you want.


Now some of you might be thinking that this is the kind of stuff that the book ” The Secret” teaches and from what I heard, it is. I have personally never read the book, My mother was teaching us this long before that book was ever written, in fact that book is just repackaged knowledge that has been understood by few going back thousands of years.


By the time I was in high school one thing was becoming very apparent, I did not like going to school, I was actually not a bad student, I just had no interest in being in class all day, I used to skip school and try to come up with crazy ideas to make money, a lot of money. I wasn’t your average thinker, My sister would say ” I wish I had $20, bucks” I would say “I wish I had 5 Billion Dollars” then she would say, Oh don’t be ridiculous, that is unrealistic, and I would say, If you are going to wish for money why only wish for $20 bucks??


I had a point, but that didn’t solve my immediate money problems, I didn’t have any bills yet because I was just a kid who was a big dreamer but I knew what I wanted, I could see it in my minds eye.


I used to visualize my first car, it was a candy Apple Red Porsche 911 with a whale tail and black leather interior with red stitching, That’s how you have to visualize things, down to the last detail! Now I had no Idea how I was going to obtain this very expensive car but I did know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I would have one. I used to clip out pictures of them and hang them up on my walls and in a portfolio I created for all the things I would have someday.


Without even realizing it I was practicing the “Science of Getting Rich”, The Universal Laws of Nature, The Laws Of Attraction where working in my favor and before I new it, it was my 17th birthday and guess what I had sitting in my driveway?


Well it was a Porsche but not exactly what I had in mind, It was a canary Yellow Porsche 914 Targa top with a black bra on the front, (for those of you who know what that is) My mother had a choice when helping me to get my first car, she could have gotten me a junker for my first car, and in fact she did but she knew how much I wanted a Porsche, but how can you justify buying a Porsche for a kid for his first car!? well she got me the cheapest oldest beat up little thing you could find for about $1500. and slapped a yellow paint job on it and it looked cool.. I guess I should have been more specific in my thoughts!


Ever since that day I was a master at materializing my thoughts, ( we all are for good or bad ) over the next 20 years I had materialized 3 Porsche 911 Turbos. in fact I have materialized several brand new Mercedes Benz’s, a CLK 55, an E 320 and an E 500 along with myown private limo, a Chrysler 300 super stretch, and several million dollars worth of properties, all of which increased in value as the real estate bubble was growing.


NOTE: Now I’m not telling you all this to brag or to boast or to impress you but rather to Impress upon you the Importance of controlling your thoughts, our lives are formed by our thoughts and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, ” What you think about you bring about “.


Unfortunately, I held on to those properties too long and ended up losing my shirt when the market crashed! At the same time that was happening I lost A major contract with my business and lost a Million dollar a year income along with it!


Now there was a reason for being able to create all of these material things and there was a reason for losing it all, both were very good lessons, you see, As I was making money, I was spending it at an alarming rate, It was coming in faster than I knew what to do with it and being the positive thinker that I am I thought it was going to last forever and just keep getting better and better.


So I spent, and I spent, buying things for no reason sometimes that I thought would make me happy or to Impress my so called friends, I would take 10 people out in the limo and pick up the tabs every where we went, every week for 2 years straight!!

I’m talking thousands of dollars a week just to keep up this Image of something that I thought was cool and made me happy, I was very generous but also very foolish, I was giving to the wrong cause, to the point of being a sucker, I just couldn’t say no to anyone, the word “no” was not in my vocabulary. I used to say the more I gave the more I got and it seemed to be true for a long time but I was giving to the wrong people and spending money on selfish desires and was oblivious to to what was about to become my feared reality.


You see, I secretly was scared that It couldn’t last and that something bad was going to happen, I couldn’t be this fortunate just because I believed I was could I? I used to second guess myself and worry that I was going to lose it all and…… wouldn’t you know, after I started seed planting that thought in my mind, my good fortune started to unravel.


Now I have been blessed with a positive mental attitude and a loving family who all have been very supportive and understanding of all my ups and downs, I have been rich and I have been poor financially several times over but I have always been rich mentally, spiritually and physically.


You see, money comes and go’s. Having money and/or not having money are both temporary states of being.


Heck, life itself in this physical form is also a temporary state of being so its important to understand who you are and why you are here.


This is why I’ve created this blog. To help people understand their true value and what they can contribute to the world and helping them to realize that to find true joy and happiness we must look beyond the material things. Money is easy to get once you have a formula for getting it. I will show you that, But what you do with it once you get it is much more important. Money is not evil. Even the love of money is not evil. The love of money for moneys sake, just to aquire it with no purpose for its use is evil. Money is just a tool that you fix things with. The more you have when put to good use, the more things in this world you can fix…


The more money you have, the more creative you become. You need money to be able to surround yourself with beautiful things. And to fully express yourself you need “things”. Things to use to help you to improve your life and the lives of others and in order to acquire those “things” you need money. So it should be of utter importance to you that you make your first priority to acquiring wealth because you can not change the world or help anyone in this world until you first help yourself.

My goal here is to help you to gain more. Gain more knowledge. Gain more meaning in your life. Gain more money! To grow as a human being and to discover your true potential..

I have been in the marketing arena for the past 25 years and over the past 10 years I have helped build several multi-million dollar companies.

Some of the campaigns and product launches we did generated as much as million dollars a month in gross revenue. That was with a huge overhead and over 120 employees and payrolls exceeding 50k a week!


That was the old way of doing it, the new way can actually produce the same results with NO employees and virtually no overhead, from home and in some cases without even selling anything but by simply providing free valuable content that makes a difference in peoples lives.


Have you ever really thought about what it is you’re passionate about? What do you talk about all the time? What would you be doing with your time if money didn’t exist? If you know what it is that you are good at or know a lot about, then that’s your answer..


For me its personal development and helping people overcome their fears of change and realize their true potential, and showing them how to make it happen.


Whats yours?


Feel free to comment below or send me a message if you have any questions, This blog is linked to my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts where I will be providing a ton of free information and content to help you discover your true calling.

More importantly, how to turn that passion into a thriving business that will support you and sustain you for the rest of your life using the most powerful medium the world has ever known, you use it everyday for fun, you might as well be making money while your at it!


By using social media and “Attraction Marketing” I will show you how to leverage your expertise into the lifestyle you have always dreamed about and its something 99% of the entire population of this planet has no clue how to do, only a handful of people have mastered this craft because very few people know it even exist!



How many people in this world do you think would like to know something that you could teach them??

There are over 65 million searches a day on Google alone!

What do you think these people are searching for?

The answer is simply INFORMATION!!

Yep, they just want to know things, use your imagination, they search for everything from, How to do this, to how to do that, and if your good at doing this or doing that, then they could be finding you and buying your advice or instructions or coaching or mentoring or e-book or product that you created or a product that you are simply selling for someone else.


The possibilities are endless and that’s what this blog is about.


I look forward to working with you and getting to know you! Make sure you subscribe to this site and my links so we can keep in touch!!


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